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Heath is a 5th generation East Texan that brings strong work ethic from farming and ranching to the legal field, doing whatever needs to be done for you to succeed with your criminal defense case.

Heath Hyde is dedicated to helping people who are under investigations or charged with felony crimes in the state of Texas and southern United States.  His law practice focuses on helping individuals solve legal problems in State and Federal Courts of Law.

Heath graduated from Texas A&M University and Texas Wesleyan University School of Law before clerking for the former United States Attorney of the Northern District Court Mr. James Rolfe, he then moved on to the Dallas County District Attorneys Office.

At the Dallas County District Attorneys Office Heath began handling misdemeanor cases (DWI, theft) and progressed to handle felony prosecutions very quickly, working on prosecutions of various cases for drug and organized crime cases as well as time handling domestic violence prosecutions. He has handled over 5000 felony prosecutions as Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County, including aggravated assaults, kidnapping and murder. In 2004, Heath was finalist for Henry Wade Prosecutor of the Year.  This tenure has taught Heath Hyde how to protect your rights in criminal court.  There are few types of cases he hasn’t seen and he already knows what tactics the prosecution will use. Heath Hyde’s firm has built great contacts with law enforcement agents and officers, current and former judges, the Dallas criminal prosecutor’s office, as well as the Dallas County Probation Department.  These associations make navigating through the legal process a little easier and will definitely help your case.  Additionally, the Hyde team has former law enforcement officers, and IRS and Secret Service Agents on the firm’s investigation and expert witness staff.

Why Your Criminal Defense Case or Investigation Needs Heath Hyde’s Expertise

Heath Hyde’s legal team understands the concerns of the client. They understand that you want to stay informed as to the status of your case, court dates, and how to prevent situations from taking place that may adversely effect the outcome of your case. With the Hyde legal team your case will be in the hands of the Dallas area’s most experienced staff of paralegals and administrative staff.

Heath believes that to be successful in the courtroom, great lawyers have a strong knowledge of many industries and business backgrounds. Having a diverse background of experiences ranging from home health care operations, which he uses to navigate the complex medicare and medical system, to an economics and finance background, that he uses in white collar and anti-trust investigations, he is capable of handling a wide range of criminal cases. Heath is comfortable in agriculture violations and investigations due to a strong agricultural background.

  • Handled over 7500 criminal cases
  • Prosecuted 87 Murder Cases with a 100% conviction rate
  • Extensive Bond Hearing Appearances, including a vast knowledge of Bail Bonds law while holding bail bonds licenses in numerous Texas counties
  • Represented Federal Cases throughout the United States and admitted in Northern, Eastern, and Southern Districts of Texas
  • Experience handling Terrorism cases

Heath represents those charged with a State Court Felonies, Federal Criminal Charges in the Southern United States.  has also given Heath the experience he needs to handle the most complex Drug, Conspiracy, and Money Laundering Cases.

Having earned the respect of his fellow legal professionals and peers, Heath’s law practice is predominately an attorney based referral practice.