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Practice Areas


Trial Attorny Heath Hyde represents defendents in a wide range of Texas Felony and Federal Cases.

Drug Crimes

Texas law is very strict when it comes to drug charges. How stiff the penalties are largely depends on the quantity of drugs that were on your person, the past convictions or charges brought against you, whether or not there was additional paraphernalia or large amounts of cash found with the drugs, and what attempts were made to conceal the drugs.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crime got its moniker from the fact that those involved are generally office workers, who wore the white shirts and black ties, versus laborers that wore blue work shirts. Times and wardrobes have changed and the crimes have become more widespread in the computer age.

Violent Crimes

These are the most aggressively prosecuted and heavily penalized of the crimes you can commit, especially in the state of Texas. Unlike other offenses, being charged with a violent crime can destroy your future job prospects, land you decades in prison, and even get you sent to death row. It’s important to take these charges seriously because you can be sure the prosecution will.

State and Criminal Appeals

An appeal typically starts by drafting an appellate brief, and arguing the case before a panel of judges, if the court grants permission to do so. Many times in criminal court a defendant is found guilty on charges because of the lack of certain evidence of innocence or errors by a previous attorney.