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White Collar Crimes

When you’re charged with a white collar crime the amount of time you’ll face usually depends on the amount of money or the value of the benefits that you’re accused of stealing. Once you have the first idea that you are being investigated, you need to call. Don’t wait until charges are filed to act. By then, the evidence of your innocence could be long gone.

Why They Are Called “White Collar” Crimes

These crimes typically require a certain amount of education and finesse in order to be successful. Unlike robbery, which requires brute force or a weapon like a gun, these types of theft and crime can be pulled off without anyone knowing it happened until it is too late. This also makes them especially difficult to trace and to prove, which is why government officials usually spend more than a year investigating before filing formal charges.

White collar crime got its moniker from the fact that those involved are generally office workers, who wore the white shirts and black ties, versus laborers that wore blue work shirts.  Times and wardrobes have changed and the crimes have become more widespread in the computer age.  Insider Trading, embezzlement, identity theft, computer hacking crimes, bribery are all classified as white collar crimes.  Generally, there is no physical violence involved.

Most White Collar Crimes Are Felonies

Felony convictions come with a minimum sentence of one year. One year in prison may not sound like a lot of time when you’re on the outside looking in, but once you’re behind bars, one year can feel like a lifetime. Think about this: What would happen to your home if you were locked away for a year, unable to earn the income to pay for it? What would happen to your family if you weren’t there to support them? What would happen to your children?

Your Job Could Be At Risk

If you work in the banking or security industry and you are found guilty of fraud, you may never be able to get another job in that industry again. Don’t let a mistake catch up to you and steal your future away from you. Address the problem now before it has a chance to destroy everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

It is possible to commit fraud unintentionally. That won’t stop the government from investigating you and it won’t stop them from filing charges against you, but with my help we might be able to prove that you didn’t knowingly commit fraud. That could get your sentence reduced or the charges dropped. You may still have to pay back the money that you received, but you may not have to go to prison for this.

Help Is a Phone Call Away

The sooner you call for help, the sooner I can begin looking into why you are being investigated, what possible charges you may be facing, and what evidence we can put together to prove your innocence or reduce your sentence. It’s essential that you take the first step. I can’t help you without your permission to do so.

If you are under investigation by the police, the SEC, the IRS or any other governmental agency, you need to know your rights. Work with an attorney that has the experience to guide you through any charges and litigation.  My law firm will take your case from beginning to resolution. We have the background to identify potential liability problems and to deal with them.  We can put you at ease.

Put My Team to Work for You

Don’t let white collar crime take you down. Let me put my team to work on your case so that we can put together the best defense possible. My associates are well versed in corporate law, forensic accounting, and have the required background to assist your case. There will be a team of investigators working on the other side, you should at least make sure you can even the odds. Call today!

I Have the Experience You Need

When you are being investigated for a white collar crime, you need an expert in business law.  I have a business degree in economics with a minor in finance.  I know business law and the steps needed to protect your rights. I have home health experience and healthcare industry experience as well that give me extra insights into medicare fraud and healthcare cases.

Take Action

If you suspect you are under investigation, been arrested, or charged with a drug crime call the Law Office of Heath Hyde immediately for a free initial consultation.

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