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If you are accused of robbery, you have been accused of taking something that did not belong to you through the use of force, threats of harm, or the use of fear. This does not have to be money or possessions. It can be documents or information of value.

Robbery Is a Second Degree Felony.

Under normal circumstances, someone who is found guilty of robbery will be sentenced to no less than 2 years in prison up to a maximum of 10 years in addition to a fine of up to $10,000.

It Can Be Much Worse

If someone was seriously injured, if a gun was involved, if the person was disabled or elderly, or if they were a child, you could be facing a first degree felony. Those charges can lead to 99 years in prison on top of the fine.

Don’t Let the State Pick Your Defense

Letting the state decide who will defend you is like allowing your opposing football team to choose who is going to be on your team when they play against you. It’s not likely to turn out well. The odds are not in your favor that you’re going to get the kind of help you need to win.

Put My Experience to Work for You

I spent multiple years in the district attorney’s office working for the prosecution. I know how they think, how they plan, and what they are likely to do. I know where they make their biggest mistakes and what their challenges are. I know their strengths and I know their weaknesses. I can bring that information with me when we plan strategies for your success.

You Don’t Have to Do Time

If we can show that the situation was a misunderstanding, that you did have permission to take what you took, or that you owned the property in question, or that the person who accused you is mistaken about who it was that took the property, it is possible for you to walk away either with no charges filed against you or with only misdemeanor charges. A misdemeanor may very well mean you are assessed a fine and there is no jail time involved.

Your Future, Your Choice

I can’t make you pick up the phone. I can’t make you get the help you need. I can’t choose your future for you. However, what I can tell you is that every choice you make today determines the kind of future you’ll have tomorrow. You can continue to worry and to fret and to wonder what will become of you, or you can pick up the phone and we can start making a plan for how to handle the situation you’re in.

Call Today

We can discuss your options and put together strategies to defend you. We can hunt down witnesses and find evidence that may prove you are not the kind of person they think you are. That can only happen, though, if you make the choice to call me. It’s your future. Make a choice today to get the help you need to secure the best possible future for yourself, your loved ones, and your family. You’ll be glad you did.